» Flange - Diameter of the outer "wheel" of the reel & thickness of the Flanges

» Traverse- The distance in two flanges

» Barrel - The diameter of the inner drum of the reel

» Overall width- The utmost width including flange thickness

» Arbor hole- The arbor hole accommodates the pin of the reel winder while reel is                        being wound and unwound.

» Start hole radius- A start hole, is where the Wire/Cable being wound is inserted                                  to hold as the winding begins

» Start hole Dia- Hole is a slot depending on material to be wound on reel.

» Bolts/Tierods - generally, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm depending on the size                              of the flange. Along with Cup Washers
A - Flange Dia
B - Barrel Dia
C - Centre Hole
D - Traverse
E - Thickness of the Ply
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